• Triolisme snob


    Dear Antonius !

    I’m always thrilled to read the articles on your blog: my French is rather poor, but fortunately my French neighbour is always willing to translate your witty and delightful lessons in snobbism. Too bad your books aren’t (yet?) translated in English: I hope some snobby English or American editor will discover your talent! Definitely, I am a Snob. Lately my husband - who is also a Snob – told me that “threesomes” are very snobbish. Personally I’m not quite sure… What do you think? Any advice? Best regards from London, 

    Jennifer H.


    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for your encouragements! Yes, let’s hope that my lessons will be translated and published soon in the UK and the US to help the world boost its standing which is considerably going down the drain these last decades… 

    Your husband is quite right! Threesomes (called “triolisme” in French) can be very, very snobby but of course it mainly depends on the status of this “third” person your husband has in mind. For instance, if he is focused on a waitress in an Ikea-restaurant or a tattooed truck driver, I seriously doubt it. If, however, he’s thinking of a Princess of York, some British or continental duke or some author of international standing, evidently your experience will be most condescending. Hence you will need a king-size bed, especially when your husband considers a “ménage-à trois”, which means that this third person (or your husband) envisages having a long-term domestic relationship. If that were to be the case, remain calm: jealousy is terribly middle-class! Just pack your Louis Vuittons and book the most expensive cruise with your husband’s credit card or buy your own yacht with crew and some inspiring officers so you can initiate your own threesome…